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My name is Betsy Farner, and I am a candidate for School Board, District 4. As a teacher for 37 years, 33 years have been in Lake County. As a long time Lake County resident, an effective educational system benefits all. Giving young people a good foundation to build upon should be our goal.

We need a new voice for our county. We need someone with experience in the classroom, who understands student-teacher-parent relationships, and how a student learns best depending on their ability and socioeconomic backgrounds. Current graduation rates are a concern. We want our students to graduate and become contributing members of our society.
 Successful students are a benefit to all of us. My goal as a School Board member will be to increase those graduation rates. I am also a strong proponent for vocational education. Not all of our students will go on to college to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, and teachers. We need our students to be prepared for the future to become productive members of our society.

After teaching at Tavares Elementary, Tavares Middle, and Tavares High School, I have a teacher's point·of·view for the educational needs from elementary, middle and high school levels. With my educational background, I have the knowledge and perseverance to do a great job! I have proven leadership as former Chairperson for Lake Soil and Water Conservation District. My devotion to Lake County and making our qualities of life better has always been my commitment. Below is a partial list of my qualifications. I need your help and your vote. Vote for our children's tomorrow, support and elect Betsy Farner today for Lake County School Board, District 4.

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Republican Liberty Caucus Lake-Sumter Endorses Betsy Farner for School Board District 4.

"We are impressed with Betsy’s passion and enthusiasm for defending individual liberty and her commitment to fiscal responsibility policies currently maintained by our school board, such as Pay-As-You-Go and alleviating bond debt. According to Chairman, Andy Dubois, “Betsy Farner will be a welcomed addition to Lake County’s top leadership and our caucus agrees that Betsy Farner is the right choice for School Board District 4.”


Former Lake County School Board member, endorses Betsy Farner


Carey Baker endorses Betsy Farner for school Board, District 4. 37 years of teaching experience gives Betsy a voice for teachers and students.

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Demands and pressures on our schools are growing. The good news is that the nation is finally looking to educators for solutions. Finding that solution requires knowledge. That's where my experience comes in.

Students Should Graduate Ready

Many of today's students graduate without the skills needed to succeed in life. As educators and as a school board member I want to help make a change. We must increase not only graduations, we must better prepare our graduates for the future they face.

Teachers Need Our Support

Most teachers are dedicated to their profession and face an uphill challenge with class size, supply shortfalls, residual issues from home and more.
I hope to help facilitate initiatives that will spur more involvement from our community and from the students and parents.

What We Teach Matters

Having the right curriculum can make the difference in a student that may not want to go to college. Having courses for those who want to develop the skills for technical work, construction and other trade/tech careers are where we can motivate and educate those who are not looking for a four year degree.
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Betsy Farner

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My Educational Highlights:
• Masters Degree from National-Louis University, 2008
• National Board-Certified Teacher, 2005
• Bachelor of Science Degree, Shippensburg University, 1981 Accomplishments:
• Chairperson, Lake Soil & Water Conversation District, 2007·2019
• Lake County Air Force Association Teacher of the Year, 2007
• Teacher Space Camp Graduate sponsored by NASA & ERAU, 2006
• Tavares Middle School Teacher of the Year,2005
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